First Class on the Rails

With my years of flying and achieving status on various airlines, I’ve gotten very spoiled with the first class upgrades. What I appreciate most about being in first class is the typical calm and quietness that you do not usually have in the coach section. Sure, the wide seats and extra legroom are fabulous, and the service is always great, too. Though to help me de-stress from weekly flights, treks on rental car busses, rushes through airports and long days of work, I need calm.

Today I’m taking a ScotRail train in Scotland from Aberdeen to Glasgow, about a 3-hour train ride each way. I’ve had a long week at work with 15-hour typical days. It’s the weekend, so time to see more of Scotland – with six hours on a train, and several hours of being tourist in between. I debated . . . coach or first class seat? (A first class seat costs about 75% more than coach.)

I plan on writing during these six hours and getting a little sleep on the return after a long day of sight-seeing in Glasgow. I’ve had several coach seats on ScotRail on previous trips of this same length and the cars can get very full, little kids are restless in their seats, and people are bringing food on of all kinds of smells. (Similar to coach on an airplane, ey?)

Ok, no brainer. First class today!

I’m now sitting in a small first class section of the train, just 8 seats. So far, it’s my own private car. I’ve been offered a selection of fruit, rolls, cookies and juice. I have a nice comfy seat with lots of legroom, and a big table to work on, complete with a lamp for ample lighting. A power outlet is inches away.

a laptop on a table in a train

Ah, perfect! Calm, quiet, relaxed – all the things I need. The extra fare paid for this is priceless. I love going first class!

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