A Great Find! Solo Woman Traveler’s Valet Parking Rate

For safety reasons, I will usually use a hotel’s valet parking service when arriving at a hotel late at night. Otherwise I’ll use the self-parking as the rates are much lower.

Though tonight I got an unexpected and wonderful surprise. It made such a great first impression that I was already sold on this property and I hadn’t even checked in yet!

The Houston Marriott West Loop by The Galleria has a solo woman traveler’s special valet parking rate – just $13.00 a night! The regular rate for valet parking is $25.00 a night and self-parking is $13.00. But because I drove up alone (which I do 95% of the time), I received the special rate.

I thought the valet guy was kidding. I asked, “Is this a Monday special? Or You’re Just Feeling Nice?” No – he said this is always the case. Still, I had my doubts. As I checked in, the desk agent saw my valet ticket and asked if I was traveling alone. With a nod of my head, she confirmed the $13.00/night rate. Any last doubts were now gone.

This is a great safety feature for women traveling alone. Women like me who always have the head-debate going on – “Is it worth the extra money?” And it’s priceless to the hotel as well, as the cost of one parking lot incident could cost millions.

Now I don’t have to decide; it’ll be valet parking for me!

I hope I see more hotels with this great benefit.

If you know of other properties that offer smart deals for solo women travelers, please share!


  1. […] A reason for saying you're traveling alone (vs. imaginary friend) I discovered that my hotel this week has a 'solo woman traveler' valet parking rate (same rate as self-parking), which would definitely not be available had the front desk seen that I had a reserved the room for a party of 2. I've never seen this type of rate before, though I hope I see more of it. More on this: http://boardingarea.com/pearls…-parking-rate/ […]


  1. While this might seem nice, it’s clear and overt gender discrimination. If I arrive as a single male traveler, why should I have to pay $12 more than you? The hotel provides me the exact same valet services.

  2. What a wonderful idea. I really hope others with pick up the idea. I know many solo women who limit themselves to taxi/car services because of situations. The car rental companies will thank you for this if other hotels begin offering similar rates.

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