Simple Strategies for Safe Travels

I followed a piece of my own advice this week (advice I should always follow, but sometimes do not). I was nearing my hotel in Houston at 11pm, arriving when the hotel parking lot was very dark and quiet. I did not Woman Walking Alone look forward to unloading my suitcase and laptop tote from the car and walking across a very full parking lot so late at night (nor did my husband like the idea either!). Instead, I phoned the Marriott when I was within a mile of reaching the hotel. I asked for someone to meet me at the front door and escort me in.  She seemed initially surprised by my request, but definitely agreed to have someone meet me.  It was late enough that the bell desk personnel had left for the evening, so a security guard met me outside instead.
The security guard was extremely helpful. He unloaded my luggage and got it inside the hotel. He parked my car and brought in my keys. He couldn't have been more helpful, nor more appreciative of the fact that I did not risk my security so late at night.
This is a very simple strategy that will really help ensure your safety while traveling. Always have your hotel's phone number in your mobile phone for this very occasion.

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  1. Very useful info. I appreciate it. I too had the similar problem sometime back when I was in Australia. At that time, my abroad cell phone did not work. So I had to run to a public telephone to call Marriot. Marriot’s service is excellent.

  2. Great info, Kim! Glad to hear that Marriott’s service was great, since I’m a very-frequent Marriott guest. Just another reason to have a hotel’s business card with you (and coins to make a public phone call!)

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