My Secret Assistant, No Matter Where I Am in the World

I’m in Kristiansand, Norway today. Tomorrow I fly to Aberdeen, Scotland. On Tuesday, I fly to Houston, arriving in the evening. At 8:00am on Wednesday I have a business presentation to make, a presentation that I am putting together in-between all of these flights.

How will I get my presentation all copied, bound and ready for this 8am meeting? Easy!

Before boarding my international flight to Houston, I’ll be online with my trusty printing assistant. My assistant has helped me many times before and has been 100% reliable, even across thousands of miles and numerous time zones.

Who’s my printing assistant? It’s one you know, though you may not be aware of all they do. FedEx Office is my secret tool for showing up prepared, organized and professional – even with so little time on the ground.

I can contact my assistant online, via phone or with my FedEx mobile phone app. Since my documents are all on my laptop and not on my phone, I can also use my mobile app called “Jump” to access any document on my laptop. I’ve even sent documents to FedEx from 35,000 feet while using in-flight internet.

Long gone are the days when I used to arrive late into a city and have to find a printing location that could help me in a hurry before an early morning meeting or seminar.

Now that I’ve shared my secret, it’s back to work on my presentation. Farvel from Norway!

Kristiansand Norway

In the interest of full disclosure, FedEx Office has compensated Carol Margolis for this article. Carol and Pearls of Travel Wisdom would never endorse a product that we do not believe in.

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