To the Giver Who Gives So Much – Today is for Randy

Randy Petersen could use a smile right now.

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Sure, he looks happy in his Twitter profile, but a huge storm severely damaged his home while he was travelling. Read about it in Randy’s own words:

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Randy is known as the frequent flyer miles guru. Without Randy, we wouldn’t today be reading and participating in BoardingArea, Milepoint, FlyerTalk, or InsideFlyer.

Clearly, Randy loves points and miles. However, he loves helping others even more. Randy established the MilePoint FlyForward forum in which groups rally around causes including Doctors Without Borders, Susan G. Komen, Livestrong, and Kiva. Through Randy’s sponsorship, Milepoint and its members have been huge contributors to these causes. The Kiva group, in particular, has been incredible. Our group recently met our goal of making over $3 million dollars in micro-loans to enterprising individuals across the world. Our next goal is to exceed 1000 members (at the time of this writing we have 898 members). (There is now one more since I just joined the group!)

Help Randy by helping others

Follow these simple steps to join the Milepoint lending team on Kiva, and make your first loan for free. Every single person who does this will be a part of a meaningful positive change in the world, and is 100% guaranteed to put a smile on Randy’s face!

Step 1: Join the team

Simply click this link: and you should see something like the following:

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Make sure to click the “Join Team” button and register!

Step 2: Make a free loan

Once you’ve joined and registered, find someone you’d like to help and give them a free loan. As you browse around, you should see orange “$25 Free Trial” buttons next to each loan. Pick one and check-out.

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That’s it! As I said, following the two steps above is guaranteed to raise a smile… or two… or three…

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