Your Mood Could Determine Your Seatmate on Your Next Flight

Pick your seat based on your mood? Yes, coming soon to Air Baltic, a Latvian airline. A new service called “SeatBuddy” will begin later this month and give fliers an option to select their seats based on their travel mood. Choices include “Work,” “Relax” and “Business Talk (networking for business opportunities)”. SeatBuddy will seat you next to someone with a similar ‘mood’. This is an optional, and currently free, service.

For me, I’d have a difficult time choosing. I relax at the beginning and end of my flight, and work in the middle. Networking might be done on a business day, but I wouldn’t generally select it on flight after a long week of meetings when I just want to chill. So compare me to a mood ring that changes all the time (remember those??).

Interesting idea, and along the lines of what KLM launched earlier this year with their social network seating based on Facebook and LinkedIn.

What’s your mood about this?  Give your thoughts in the comments below.


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  1. That would be another good “mood” option! Those with kids, who match up with no one, might get lucky and end up in a section of the plane all by themselves!

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