BAcon: Day 3

This is my final post about Randy Petersen’s awesome first-ever BAcon conference for BoardingArea bloggers held in Colorado Springs.  It began with a 39-hour trek just to get there, followed by Day 1 and Day 2 events.

Sadly, I had to leave very early this morning to fly back to Norway. Since I was flying east, I was already eight hours behind so the flights would not arrive back in Norway until 9 am, just in time to begin my Monday work day. Hard to believe that it took 39 hours to get here and the return just got worse. However, my husband remained for the day and told me what happened.

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The day began like yesterday, with Randy Petersen recapping the previous day and discussing upcoming events. Then it was off to the sessions. The Boarding Area track was only about matters of interest to BA bloggers so my husband opted instead for the other track with guest bloggers. His choice was perfect because it was a session led by Google Plus expert Jeff Sauer. Awesome session, the notes are three pages long. Jeff is also a fellow travel blogger with the clever name of Jeffsetter.

At 10:30 in the morning, Randy spoke for the last time. He led a discussion for about a half-hour and the inaugural BAcon came to an end. Bruce summed it up this way:

When BAcon began a couple days ago, most of the bloggers only knew each other by blog name, if they even knew that. There were introductions and handshakes. Only a couple days later, everyone was on a first name basis with hugs saying goodbye. That was the power of BAcon.  

My husband’s flight was not until Monday morning so for the first time since arriving, he could relax in Colorado Springs and do … well, nothing. But that was fine with him. He used the time to relax, catch up on email (time that was sparse the past couple days) and prepare for leaving and looking forward to his return flight to Atlanta which included two of his favorite BoardingArea bloggers, MJon and DeltaPoints. I know he could talk shop with them all day.

A big thank you to Cheyenne Mountain Resort for being our go-to resort and conference center. Your property is beautiful and your facilities outstanding.

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Another big thank you to sponsors GoGo In-flight for the free wi-fi coupons and Delta Air Lines for the incredible evening of dinner and entertainment last night. Of course, the ultimate thanks go to Randy and the entire House of Miles staff. Thank you for providing the time for us to learn so much but even more important, thank you for the perfect event for spending time with my fellow bloggers. I was very honored to be a part of it. Every minute was worth it and I already look forward to BAcon 2 with much excitement.

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