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Is Your Child Flying Solo? Tune In To KHOU in Houston For What You Need to Know!

Putting your child on a plane to visit dad, mom or grandparents? The number of kids flying solo will be skyrocketing as this holiday season approaches. Flying these days is confusing enough for us adults. Now add in the myriad of fees and rules for solo-traveling kids and your head will spin!

  • What fee does the airline charge?
  • Are connecting flights allowed or not?
  • Are there different rules depending on the child’s age?
  • What if you have two or more children who will be flying together?
  • How does a child buy a snack box when they’re too young to by carrying a credit card?

To make it more complicated, the rules differ by airline (of course)! Long gone is the one price across all airlines – the price called ‘free’ that existed when my kids flew solo.

Tune in to Houston’s KHOU 11 News this Saturday morning and hear Pearls of Travel Wisdom’s Carol Margolis as she shares what parents need to know.

Here’s a source of airline websites and “unaccompanied minor” rules to get you started: Is Your Child Flying Alone? Here’s What You Need to Know!

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