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Weekly Travel Roundup

Here are some articles and links from around the travel world that came across my desk this week. If you have any questions or suggestions, leave them in the comments, post them on our Facebook page or send them my way on Twitter.

SkyMallRockI write for SkyMall

Ever wonder what’s going through the mind of a SkyMall writer? How do write for the sometimes odd, always interesting products featured in your back seat pocket? I write for SkyMall is run by one of those writers, letting you know how products like Confusing Chimp Statue and Alcoholic’s Wine Glass come to be.

IAH design plans unveiled: Terminal D to be replaced by new international terminal

Houston’s George Bush Intercontinental Airport is getting a little facelift. Tentatively scheduled to start in 2017, Terminal D will be demolished and replaced with the new Mickey Leland International Terminal. Construction should take five years to complete.

Airport security scrutinized after stowaway incident

After a 15-year-old managed to sneak in to a plane’s wheel well and score a free trip to Hawaii, airports across the country and taking a second look at their security. Members of Congress are asking questions and trying to ensure that another similar incident cannot happen again.

Airlines cash in on unused tickets, change fees

Plans have a habit of changing, and airlines and making a lot of money off of your cancellation fees. How much? $2.5 billion in 2012 alone. This also doesn’t take in to account how much they make off of unused tickets.

Sky High Weddings

Is there a wedding in your future? You may just want to head to Dubai and say your I-do’s almost 700 feet above the Arabian Gulf. What an extraordinary way to say Hello to a new life … and sa Goodbye to a whole lot of money.

Taking It to the Streets

Yours truly is coming out of the skies next week and hitting the pavement. I will be walking 39 miles (yes, walking!) in the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer. If you’re in the Washington, DC area, come cheer on the thousands who will be hiking though the streets. No air miles for all of this walking (an air mile for every step would be awesome!) though the worthiness of the cause makes up for it.

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