Quick Travel Tips for Your Holiday Weekend

If you’re traveling this weekend, here are a few last minute tips to help you and your family travel smart and safe so you can focus on the holiday.

  • Is your child flying alone? Then read this for lots of tips you’ll want to know.
  • If you are checking your bag and traveling with someone else, put some of your clothes in their bag and vice versa. That way, if one bag is delayed or lost, you each have some clothes.
  • Place your itinerary in your checked bag, along with your name and address. Luggage tags on the outside of the bag, especially those flimsy paper tags you may grab from the airline’s check-in counter at the last minute, may come off of the bag.
  • Speaking of checked bags, always check this before you say goodbye to your bag at the check-in counter.
  • If you’ll be driving, traffic may be crazy with so many travelers on the roads. Here are some apps you may want to download before you go that will help show you where the heaviest traffic is, where the speed traps are and more: Apps for Your Next Road Trip.
  • Leaving your car in an airport parking garage? Take a photo of the location you’re leaving the car (which floor and which aisle) so you can easily find your car when you return home.
  • Come home with all of your possessions that you left with. Read these stories of Lost and Found. We don’t need any more “lost” stories!
  • Most stores will be closed on Sunday so pick up anything you need before then.

Wishing you safe and enjoyable travels!

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