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Weekly Travel Roundup

Here are some articles and links from around the travel world that came across my desk this week. If you have any questions or suggestions, leave them in the comments, post them on our Facebook page or send them my way on Twitter.

Piling On the Luxury

With spending on both business and international travel expected to increase in 2014, airlines are looking to cater to their highest paying customers at the front of the plane. The New York Times gives a comprehensive rundown on the ways airlines all over the world are trying to bring luxury to the skies.

Airlines offering fewer flights, fewer seats

While airlines are focusing on their higher end passengers, medium and small sized airports are feeling a little left out. A watchdog group has found that seats and flights across the board, and especially in smaller communities, are getting cut back. Reasons go from rising fuel costs to pilot shortages for regional airlines.

The Instagram Travel Hashtag That’s Worrying the Airlines

Want to get a glimpse of what it’s like working for an airline? The Instagram hashtag #crewlife finds flight attendants and pilots posting photos of what it’s like off-duty. While a quick search brings up acceptable and safe for work photos, I’m wondering how long it’ll take until someone gets fired for not following company guidelines.

Southwest Plays Hardball to Keep Virgin Off Its Home Turf

At Dallas’ Love Field, Southwest Airlines is king. When you operate 16 out of the 20 gates and handle 96% of the passenger traffic, they have every right to call the airfield home. Recently, American Airlines was forced to give up two of their gates and they want to lease them to Virgin America – and Southwest isn’t too happy. Read about the back and forth between the two airlines, the city, and the federal government fighting not only for a few gates, but more importantly the business travelers that will walk through it’s doors.

Airlines’ Dirtiest Secrets

Dirtiest secrets, or just old wive’s tales? Budget Travel answers some common questions about air travel, such as “does the cabin air make me sick?” and “how clean are the blankets and headphones?”

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