What Do You Take From Hotel Rooms?

Hotels expect guests to take certain amenities in the room. Other things they expect you won’t take. So what does the latest hotel survey show for what leaves a hotel room to go home with us?

Hilton offered a recent survey of what their guests are taking and got some surprising results. They asked a thousand guests to complete a 5-minute online questionnaire. Results say that only 73% were taking room amenities typically found in the bathroom but more than half of the guests use everything available. For me, it depends on the quality of the shampoo as to whether I’ll even use it, much less take it home.

Hotel room amenitiesFor some unexplained reason, only 20% of the men took the shower caps but over half of them admitted to taking the body lotion. Since there are so many uses for shower caps (also here), I would have expected the numbers to be the other way around. Also, almost 20% of all the respondents take the amenitiesHotel maid cart to offer them to their own overnight house guests. I am definitely guilty of this.

And who knew, 31% of Millennials admit to taking room amenities off the housekeeping carts while only 13% of those over 55 did the same thing. I’m staying mum here.

As I check out of my Hilton Garden Inn tomorrow, I leave with a clean conscience (no pun intended) – this time!


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