Movies You Will Never See on an Airplane – Part 2

Last month I wrote about 15 Movies you will Never See on an Airplane. The list was intended to be a little thought provoking but mostly fun. To the person who tweeted me about the list, yes it is possible one or more of the movies might actually be shown on a plane but rationally, no airline would intentionally run a movie on their overhead screens about planes being taken over by terrorists, blown up in the sky, or have snakes dropping down from the overhead bins.

Most readers understood this and offered some great additions to the list. Given that there are other movies worthy of list status, let’s call this Part 2…

Airborne (2012) – Pilots dead, passengers disappearing… Not a good formula for a relaxing flight.

Air Force One (1997) – thanks Edward. Harrison Ford classic about hijackers that seize the Presidential aircraft with the first family aboard.

Con Air (1997) – thanks Alex. Great Nicholas Cage flick about a plane full of transporting convicts who take over the aircraft.

Final Destination (2000) – thanks Stuart. Seriously scary movie about a teenager who has a vision about him and his friends dying in a plane crash. It’s what happens after the crash that will give you nightmares. Movie was good enough to have four sequels.

Flight of the Living Dead (2007) – Pretty bad film but if you are into corpses turning into zombies on a flight from LA to Paris, this may help pass the time on an otherwise boring redeye.The Langoliers

Murder on Flight 502 (1975) – Much like the Airport movies from the 1970’s, this includes an all-star cast but this time they have to figure out who is murdering passengers on a transatlantic flight.

The Langoliers (1995) – This Stephen King classic is, in my opinion, the scariest airplane/airport movie ever made. Most passengers and the entire flight crew disappear inflight while those who dodge this fate discover something else even more terrifying. I can’t fly a redeye out of LAX without thinking about this movie.

Turbulence (1997) – Another film about transporting prisoners and oddly enough, the same year as Con Air but not as good. Nevertheless, some decent plane scenes in the movie if you are a 747 fan.

Turbulence 2: Fear of Flying (1999) – Interesting because the plot surrounds a therapy group trying to break their fear of flying. This movie won’t help them with that but hopefully it might break them of watching bad movies. Hijacked plane, dead pilot, the typical things airlines don’t want to put in the face of their passengers.

Turbulence 3: Heavy Metal (2001) – A rock concert aboard a 747. Okay, but more interesting is when passengers are shot and the pilots are dead, broadcast live around the world. What’s a band to do for an encore?

And I still might have missed some. Feel free to add more. If we come up with enough, I will prepare a Part 3. J

Again, all links are to the Internet Movie Database.

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