“Model” Turkish Airlines Flight Attendant Fired

Some airlines are touchier than others when it comes to outside work. Many carriers feel it is necessary to protect the image of their flight attendants – well, actually protect the image of their airlines – regardless of what else the employees may be doing with their lives.

In this instance, Turkish Airlines felt one of their flight attendants went overboard, so to speak. Apparently the 31-year-old femaleTurkish Airlines
posed as a model for some photos that appeared in an Italian magazine. According to this article, she was wearing a bikini which meant that her tattoos were also exposed.

Apparently that was too much for Turkish because they fired her. Not all that surprising since this is the same airline that banned bright lipstick last year. And yes, this is the same airline that banned alcohol on some flights and even suggested flight attendant uniforms have ankle-length dresses.

A spokesman (not spokeswoman) for the company had one comment: “There are certain standards we expect from our staff and modeling is not one of them.”

Really, who is going to believe this rubbish? Everyone knows that if this flight attendant was modeling a promotion for the airline or its political agenda, she would have been praised instead.

For those who are really curious, there are photos of her available online – just google Zuhal Sengal.


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