CES 2015 – Technology for Travelers Day 3

The posts from the previous days are here for Day 1 and here for Day 2.

Because CES attendance is still growing – almost 25% come from 150 countries outside the U.S. – the need for space exceeds the convention center. That meant many exhibitors had to go offsite at the Venetian/Sands convention center. Not a short trek at all but worth it for the new tech goodies that are making their way to market.

If you like to stand up your phone in landscape or portrait mode for, say, using Skype or watching a movie, there are many stands out there. Problem is, they often break at the plastic hinge. That won’t happen with an outstanding innovation from innerexile. Their case stand, called the boyager, is magnetic so it folds comfortably when not in use but opens up tightly when you need a stand. It also includes a slot for credit cards or a driver’s license.

Boyager InnerExileMost everyone today uses their phone as a camera but what if you could simply expand the viewing area into a wide angle lens or do a macro close-up? You can with a neat gadget from Olloclip. It is actually a 4-in-1 lens adapter. Check out their website for a video of this product, available for Samsung and Apple.

OlloclipEver needed a laser for a presentation or just to play with your pet? You won’t leave this one at home because it attaches to your smartphone. Android and iPhone versions, available now from Hyper Shop or Amazon, about $50.

iPin Laser PresenterFor many reasons, it’s nice to travel with a compact mirror. In a new item from Hyper Shop that will soon be available, it offers 1X and 3X magnification with a bright LED ring. The light is easily chargeable through any USB port, many color choices. Cost about $35-40.

HyperShop Magnifying Mirror

When you want to print out your travel photos, Polaroid makes it very easy. Their new Zip Mobile Printer uses Bluetooth or NFC. It is also very compact, making it a convenient travel companion. It can print 2” by 3” color photos in less than 60 seconds. No firm release date yet but it should be available sometime in the spring.


If you have any concerns about carrying around credit cards, this may be a solution for you. The innovators at nxt-id created the Wocket Wallet, a way to carry all your cards virtually without the risk they may be stolen. One master card stored in the system can be used for all your credit, debit, and loyalty cards. Best news, no one can access this information except you so your card information remains safe. Cost is $150.


Tomorrow, the last installment from CES 2015.

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