CES 2015 – Technology for Travelers Day 2

The first of the technology gadgets for travelers seen during my first day at CES 2015 is here. Ironically, it was computer/internet glitches that prevented me from posting Day 2 yesterday.

Today is another day with my 160,000 closest friends. Actually, CEO Gary Shapiro said that today already topped the attendance for last year so it may be 170,000 before the show ends.

Most people want to know their home is secure when they are traveling. What makes Swann different is they only charge you for home security on the days that you need it. No monthly fees, no long-term contract, 24/7 service. Nice when you might only travel a few days here and there.


If you need to scan documents on the go, it won’t get any easier than Fujitsu’s ScanSnaps. Multiple versions but I most like their S1100 12-oz scanner.


As an avid gardener when I am home, it is important to keep my plants and organic vegetables watered properly when I am on the road. An excellent green thumb solution is Parrot’s H2O, now with the ability to automatically water the items as needed. Check out Parrot’s video to see how it works, available for purchase on Amazon.

Parrot H2O

Last year at CES, the rage was 4K televisions even though there was no 4K broadcasting. This year’s rage is all about drones even though you can be sure FAA will be issuing regs controlling their use before the end of the year.


More CES 2015 to come. Wish I could be getting qualifying air miles for every mile I’ve walked through its massive halls.

UPDATE: Here’s a recap of CES 2015 technology for travelers:

Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Day 4

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