Greetings from CES 2015 – What’s New in Travel?

I love January because it always begins with the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. The latest, the greatest, the newest, the smartest. Innovation at its best.

International CES 2015

Of course I am always on the lookout for great travel products. One useful product for many travelers, for example, is the PhotoFast i-Flash Drive. It is a handy way to add capacity to your phone or tablet, or use it to transfer files between the two. Depending on capacity, prices range from $70-200.

PhotoFast i-Flash Drive

Another great application for all travelers come from Whoosh!. There are many cleaning products out there but these are – well, according to them – safe enough to drink. They are non-toxic and free of alcohol and ammonia, good enough to clean and polish everything from eyeglasses to phones and all electronics.


Ever forgot to bring something along when you are traveling? This smartphone cover from IN1case doesn’t have everything but it sure is the next best thing. Many of the little gadgets you forget to pack are included in the phone cover. They have another version which has a built-in charging cable, something many of us forget to pack when we travel.

smartphone cover from IN1case

Need sound when you travel? Then take a look at Fugoo’s entry. This small surround sound Bluetooth speaker is water proof and offers an amazing 40-hr rechargeable battery.

Fugoo's entry

Audi believes so much that we want driverless cars that they actually had one drive from San Francisco to Las Vegas for CES. Here’s the car that made the 550-mile trek.

Driverless car

Much more to come from #CES2015. I am tweeting from CES under my @smartwomentrav name.

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