Marriott Offering Complimentary GoPro Cameras for Guests

Today there are a number of upscale hotels that offer their guests use of iPads. This idea, however, is more unique and a stroke of brilliance at Marriott. Not sure who gets the credit for this but Marriott is offering GoPro cameras to their guests. For free.GoPro HERO4

Before you pack your bags and head out to the nearest Marriott, note that it is available at only 17 properties at this time. Ten are Marriott hotels and resorts while seven are JW Marriott’s. What they all have in common is their location in the Caribbean or Latin America. In other words, beach spots, the perfect location to record your photo and video memories of a lifetime.

In addition, Marriott also offers guests the opportunity to have their GoPro contents featured on a dedicated Marriott/GoPro website.

Marriott logoIn the announcement, Marriott didn’t say what happens if a guest loses one of these cameras, or even if they break one. Just letting you know, the cost for these cameras is $400-500 depending on the model.

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  1. What’s the over/under on how long until a guest borrows one with another guests homemade adult movies on it?

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