New Doggy Daycare in Orlando – Convenient for Travelers

Dexter I sure wish my dog, Dexter, could be in my hotel room at the end of the day waiting for me. What a difference in business travel that would make! Sadly, it doesn’t make sense for my work and it sure wouldn’t be fair to him to be stuck in a hotel room all day.

While I do know many people who travel with their pets, though typically on vacation rather than business, there are times when you want to go to places where pets are not allowed or it’s just not feasible for you to have your pet with you.

Sometimes travelers leave their pets in hotel rooms but this is not a viable option at many properties. More often there are rules against this because pets have been known to make a mess in rooms as well as howl when they are left alone. When there are times where your pet must stay behind while you head off to the airport, having a convenient and safe pet sitting service is paramount.

My home city of Orlando will soon be offering a pet sitting facility and it will be convenient to the airport.

Beginning in April, Pet Paradise will open a new facility near Orlando International Airport to care for your traveling pets. They will offer daycare as well as boarding facilities with 125 suites for dogs and 20 condos for cats.

If nothing else, your pet certainly will be pampered. Plans include an in-ground swimming pool, play areas, grooming, and training. It will be similar in design to their existing facility in Sanford which is about twenty miles north of downtown Orlando. With services like this, it is easy to understand why the Jacksonville-based company is known as a resort for pets.

I have never used Pet Paradise so I can’t comment on their quality or services. Instead, my preference when traveling has been to use either family members or my dog’s trainer who offers boarding services. My dog does not use our home pool and doesn’t seem to appreciate some of the other pampering. What he enjoys is playground equipment and other dogs to play with. Nevertheless, Pet Paradise is an alternative when the others are unavailable.

For those who are visiting Orlando and need a place to board a pet temporarily or overnight, check out Pet Paradise’s website and see if this is a reasonable option for you.

If you have travel-convenient pet care facilities near your home airport, share the name below.

As for Dexter … I can’t wait to see you on Skype tonight!

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  1. Philadelphia Pet Hotel and Villas http://phillypethotel.com/ is amazing we have been taking or pup here for the last couple of years and have never been disappointed. They also have partnered with a airport shuttle service making them even more convenient.

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