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TSA PreCheck Expands Expedited Screening Benefits for International Travel

Great news for international travelers! Starting tomorrow, May 7, 2013, TSA Pre✓ participants will be eligible for expedited screening on select international travel itineraries if flying Alaska Airlines, American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, United Airlines and US Airways. This also applies to inbound international flights when connecting to a domestic flight within the U.S. Details…

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TSA PreCheck is Expanding

The TSA PreCheck Program currently allows certain elite status passengers and members of Global Entry or related programs to participate in an expedited security procedure. The time savings passing through security at the airport can be thirty minutes or more because these select passengers do not have to remove items like their laptop, shoes, belts,…

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New TSA PreCheck Program: How Good Is It?

TSA’s new “trusted traveler” program, known as PreCheck, went into effect a few days ago. From the press release, “Eligible passengers may be referred to a lane where they will experience expedited screening.” This pilot program is the long overdue beginning of risk-based traveler assessment. Not surprising, there are many limitations to gain entry into…

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