Remember TripTik?

Remember the excitement of flipping the page to get the navigation for upcoming miles in your TripTik from AAA? Ok, maybe you’re too young to know what a paper map is, much less AAA’s spiral-bound TripTik maps, though I’m sure there’s at least one reader who may still have a few of these in their car’s glove compartment.

TripTix AAA

The initial excitement was when you phoned AAA or went to their office and asked for the navigation from Point A to Point B. The agent would print out the pages of your journey and then start marking up the trail. Not only would you get this personalized map, but you’d also get thick 2″ Tourbooks for the States you’d be traveling through.


The map would be laid out over several pages, each page offering sites to see along those particular miles. For each page turned over, you were closer and closer to your destination.

Yes, AAA still creates their TripTik Travel Planners and offers their Tourbook Guides (online, downloadable and via mail). Though it’s just not the same without having the agent marker-up the pages as he or she explained the route to you.

Online TripTix

With GPS systems, I can’t imagine flipping the pages of a TripTik ever again. I also can’t imagine tossing away this piece of my travel history.


  1. You might want to correct the typo in the title of this posting. Its TripTiks not TripTix. You got it right later in the posting.

  2. TripTiks were great for routing away from construction zones/ high traffic areas.

    Ah the good ‘ol days.

  3. I remember them well and oddly enough, was just thinking about them last week. I used one on a Spring Break drive from VA to FL in the early 90s. Amazing how far technology has come…

  4. I prefer the hand marked trip tik over the printed ones. My AAA will give you the old ones if you request them. I have a GPS unit but I like to use a map and route my own route. I prefer driving on two lane roads over freeways. I’ve driven all over the United States and Canadian on secondary roads.

  5. I still always travel with a printed map when I’m on location. I have been stuck so many times when my iPhone couldn’t find service and a paper map really helps!

  6. I still use TripTiks on a long trip. GPS is great but it doesn’t show you the whole route — from Stamford CT to Orlando FL with stops along the way, for example. And at my AAA office, I was able to go in and speak with the agent about the route as well as plan my stops. It was nice to have the TripTik along with state-specific maps on our last trip.

  7. Yeah, glad to hear paper TripTiks haven’t all gotten tossed to the side of the road in lieu of all the apps we now have.
    Wave hello next time you’re driving along I-4 in Orlando!

  8. Found this while looking for TripTik reviews. You can still get the paper TripTik although I don’t recommend it. They changed the format and I found it hard to follow. No exit numbers were listed on mine. WE got lost twice! Never got lost on a trip Tik before. This was a trip to Myrtle Beach-not some remote town! Google Map (app) saved us. I doubt I will get another paper TripTik again. Sad–its the end of an era

  9. I,m looking for an old type Trip Tik from Grand Rapids, MI thru Inianapolis to Miami to Naples and back to Grand Rapids. I did’t save my old one and now AAA says they can’t do the old type anymore. The new digital type are worthless. Where can I find one?

    Jim DeYoung

  10. Hi Jim – I haven’t been to an actual AAA office in awhile, but their online Trip-Tik looks fairly similar to the old printed Trip-Tik. I asked for directions from Chicago to Orlando and it was a 48-page document of directions and maps, with each map having the roads highlighted, just like AAA did when it was printed at their office. Perhaps their Print options offer what you’re looking for?

  11. Carol, thank you for your response. How do I order a traditional (old style) Triptik on line and will it look like the one in your article “Remember Triptik”?

  12. Here’s what AAA’s online help says:
    You can order a TripTik by selecting on “Order Maps/Tourbooks” from the drop down menu under Travel. Once on the “Maps, Directions & Destination Guides” page, click on “Order TripTik Routings” under “Order for Home Delivery”.

    If you need further information or assistance with ordering a TripTik or have more than 4 stopovers, please call AAA Member Services at 800-222-1134, Monday – Friday, 7:00 am – 10:00 pm, Saturday, Sunday and observed holidays, 8:00 am – 6:00 pm, or email directly at with all the necessary information, including name, mailing address, and membership number. You will be asked to login to access this feature.

    To go directly to Order TripTik Routings, click here. (“here” goes to — which is set for my AAA office location — so after you log in, go to Travel).

  13. We’ve gone on road trips every year for 30 years…this is our first year without the “real” triptik! I am very disappointed with the new one, it’s just not the same and not as informative. I know there are apps out there but I want my old triptik! I tried the AAA website but the printable option looks like the lame new triptiks. Any ideas? Our local office no longer makes the “real” ones with the strip maps.

  14. In Ontario, Canada, we can go online and print our own TripTiks (AAA function) or go in to a CAA store to order them. I like the flip-up narrow format of the TripTik and the information on a page all at a glance such as closely patrolled zones, construction zones, rest stops, scenic notes, and travel tips. Hard to get these features with apps or a GPS in a consistent fashion without a lot of personal time wasted planning ahead.

    Apps and GPSs do add something to travel that can provide assistance such as in managing detours, getting back to the main route if a wrong turn is taken or lane assistance in increasingly difficult to navigate multi-lane highways with spaghetti interchanges. They can provide info on cheap gas or reviews on a myriad of attractions. I find them a useful addition to TripTiks, not a substitute for them.

  15. What I really miss from the old TripTik is the mileage along the edge. If you’re in the middle of a page, it showed how many miles to the next town, and to the top or bottom of the map, so you’d know how far you’d already driven on that page, and how much farther to the next. And the rest stop markings were great. You have to ask Google maps where the next rest stop is, and it’s a real hassle. One of the worst ideas AAA has had, getting rid of them. Glad I kept all my old ones. I even hated it when they changed the comb binding from the top to the side. Defeated the purpose.

  16. Please Please. Let us senior Who support you Have our old TRIPTiKs back. You went down hill with the new ones.

  17. We agree the new Trip Tik is nearly useless, I will search the web and see if there is a source for the old style(top binding)

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