Little Tastes Have Created a Large Appetite

I have always wanted to visit certain places around the U.S. and the world and thought that once I had ‘checked off the box’ with each accomplishment, I’d be happy.  Instead, I find myself wanting more and more of each place.  I want to visit longer, immerse myself in their culture, speak their language and know their history.  For instance, visiting Spain is something I’ve wanted to do for a very long time.  This past week this wish has come true as I was able to visit three cities in Spain as part of a Mediterranean cruise.  Do I feel fulfilled now?  Just the opposite! I now want to plan an extended vacation to various areas in Spain, revive my Spanish-speaking skills, learn more about their cooking, drink more of their wine, eat more of their olives and fish, and learn about the various influences over history that make up Spain today.  This now gets added to my list after wanting similar things for Greece, except I have no Greek-speaking skills to revive – this would have to start from the beginning.

Yearning to know more about a city or country is great, as it is an amazing world we live in. I am so amazed that I’ve been able to see so many wonderful cities around the world and I hope to visit many, many more.

So I’ve now checked off from my list the visits to Spain, Italy, Greece and more. But I’ve added these items to the list:
    •    Visit Santorini, Greece for 4 to 8 weeks in 2010
    •    Learn Greek
    •    Visit the Costa del Sol area for 4 weeks
    •    Re-learn Spanish
    •    Plan for Australian / New Zealand trip
    •    Buy a condo aboard the ResidenSea (private cruise ship that sails the world)
    •    Win the lottery to pay for it all!

What’s on your travel list?


  1. Paris and London are fantastic. Havana will be interesting once the travel restrictions are fully lifted (and the initial rush of visitors has died down).

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