I miss you, Clear Lane!


This morning’s trek through Security in Orlando (MCO) was horribly slow. Though for most travelers, this is probably typical. I have been very spoiled by the Clear Lanes, which has allowed me fast and easy transport through security for the past three years. In airports without the Clear lanes, I have been fortunate to always find a lane for elite passengers.  So no Clear lane and no elite line leaves the frequent traveler at MCO with no perks of speedy access any longer. The signs for Expert Traveler are not seen until the time when you’re already grabbing the bins for your shoes, etc. so that was of no help to keep the families with strollers into family lines.  To add insult to injury, my bag was gone through with a fine-tooth comb – the same bag with the same contents that has always gone through without incidence before.  This should have nothing to do with whether I used my Clear card or not, but it added more pain to the morning’s TSA passage.  Additional time it took to get through Security: 30 minutes.  And this being a non-peak Tuesday travel morning.

Please Clear Lanes … come back to Orlando! Or Continental, if you’re reading, please work with other MCO airlines and establish an Elite lane.


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