A Perfect Traveler’s Gift to Ourselves This Holiday Season

With Christmas just around the corner, the majority of us still have a long list of people to buy gifts for. It's challenging enough to find the perfect gift for someone. Add in the challenge of being on the road for business or conferences and then finding the time to shop is the biggest challenge.
I only have 5 days at home between today and December 24th before I head to Chicago for the holiday, and I have only just begun to think of my Christmas list or where I am going to shop at. After this article is written, I had better get my shopping started!

I have a deadline of next Monday, December 15th, to have gifts ready for a child I selected to buy for in Houston, so that will get me heading to Amazon so that I'll have what this girl asked for by next week.

MSNBC had a great article this week on giving yourself the gift of air miles while shopping for the holidays. Many airlines have partnered with loads of great name stores so that you can buy exactly what you're looking for at typical online prices, with the added benefit of getting air miles for each dollar spent. Prices are no higher by going through the airline's shopping link, as you are redirected to your desired store's website. The airlines get their revenue from the stores themselves, typically a percentage of what you and I spend. So there is no cost to you to use the airlines' online stores … just the added benefit of getting air miles for your purchase.

I created an account with Delta's SkyMiles Shopping so that they could record my miles for what I spend.  It's easy to see how many miles are offered by store, so that I can select the stores that I want to purchase from:


Your purchase will be sent to you directly from the company you purchased the item(s) from, not from the airline.

Not only do you get air miles for your purchases, but for many airlines this is a legitimate way to keep your account active if you have not flown their airline in awhile.

I'm off to get my shopping started. With four new nieces this Christmas (2 born last week; 2 born in September), it'll be fun to shop for tiny baby clothes! Then I'll have the more difficult task of figuring out what to buy for our mid-20's kids. Baby clothes are much more fun to buy than big kids' stuff!

Check out this article on MSNBC and start shopping and earning air miles!

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