My List of 2010 Travel Resolutions is Long . . . What’s on Your List?

Here are my travel resolutions for 2010:

  1. Enjoy more of each city or town that I visit, including more local restaurants, more local places of interest and learn more of their customs
  2. Talk with more people about their travel interests
  3. Be bolder in the foods that I order.  Ask restauranteurs to surprise me with local favorites
  4. Talk to more people to learn more about where they are from and their cultures
  5. Pack even more compact and smarter than I already do, especially my cosmetic bag
  6. Take videos and more photos of where I am visiting and with whom I am meeting
  7. Make time to add an extra day to a conference or business trip so that I can relax and enjoy the local scene
  8. Limit my business travel to two or three weeks each month vs. the current four weeks
  9. Finally invest in a book reader instead of lugging around books in my laptop tote
  10. Have more fun!

In addition, I have a few more resolutions on where I’d like to go and with whom:

  • Sail on two cruises … at least one to Antarctica or South America
  • Finally get to Sedona (my husband and I are going over Valentine’s Day weekend)
  • Enjoy a family vacation with our kids and my mom…Panama Canal or Costa Rica is under discussion
  • Join my sister and many of our family members in Las Vegas for her big birthday bash
  • Get to Finland to visit my girlfriend Katya.

This is my big list.  What’s on your list for 2010?  Perhaps travel more or less?  Visit new countries? What about business travel? Any travel gadgets you’re looking to get?  Share your 2010 travel wish-list at bit.ly/2010Trvl. Results will be posted here soon.

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  1. Travel resolutions are the best – especially when they’re flexible. LOL
    I too took a poll of readers but no one came up with anything interesting.
    My ongoing travel goal is Alaska. Seems appropriate now with this chill in the air.
    Happy Travels

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