Are You a Travel Store-aholic?

When you’re at the mall and walking by a travel or luggage store, do you leave your shopping mates behind and run in for a peak at the newest travel gadgets? I do! I can’t pass up a luggage store without just taking a quick look. You never know if some new-fangled product came out that’s a must-have!

Even though I have enough luggage to bring along a family of six, there just may be a color or size I don’t have yet, with the perfect interior to fit everything in its place. And laptop totes — my friend Tamara will tell you that we never pass up any store with laptop totes because we’re forever in search of the perfect bag. And there are always new travel doodads to investigate. Travel-size umbrellas keep getting smaller after all, and I’m all about carrying the least amount of weight possible. Oops, I just added a few ounces with my cashmere pashmina, but the extra weight will be so worth it!

a storefront with a red and black awning
If you ever get to Houston, a visit to Luggage and Leather is a must! Bring a luggage-sized credit card when you go! Their stores are amazing- very spacious (unlike the cramped quarters of typical mall luggage stores) and full of laptop totes, gadgets, gift items, travel clothes and of course every kind of luggage. They’re also online at Luggage and Leather.com if you want to let your fingers to the shopping.

a store with many bags and luggage

I just ‘happened’ to be driving by one of the Luggage and Leather stores this evening and picked up a new Travel Neck Pillow. This will be perfect for my long journey to Hong Kong (did I tell you I’ll be back in Coach?). I’ve tried the u-shaped pillows, the blow-up pillows and no pillow – not really liking any of these solutions. The Travel Neck Pillow made by Anywhere Comfort is memory foam that will mold to my neck. And it rolls up to a fraction of its size so it’ll easily go in my carry-on bag. I’ll post a review of this item on Smart Women Travelers after this weekend’s journey.

Most non-travelers could never relate to a fixation with travel products and the quick veer into a luggage store. How many times have you been asked “just how much luggage do you have?” Travel goods go into the same list of favorite shopping items along with shoes, clothes, jewelry and wine (wow, that’s quite a list!).

Post a note in the Smart Women Travelers community and share your stories of clandestine luggage store visits, stockpiling of bags and collections of travel gear.

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