US issues “Travel Alert” for Europe

Lately, I have a few trips to Scotland, with two more scheduled before the end of the year. While I’m “across the pond”, I’m more worried about driving on the opposite side of the road than I am about any terror incident. So I was a bit surprised when I read about the U.S. State Department’s Travel Advisory for Europe.

If you have any European travel in the near future, the government is not asking you to cancel your plans. They just want you to use some common sense. Watch out for packages on the subway, don’t be afraid to alert local authorities about suspicious activity, and most importantly, register your trip with the State Department. I wish you all safe travels, but if something were to happen while abroad, the State Department will have an easier time reaching you if you are registered. I just did for my next Scotland trip.

So use some common sense out there, but still have fun. I’ll spend more time worrying about how to exit all of those roundabouts!

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