Gogo Inflight’s Keep on Tweetin’ Sweepstakes

Even while on business trips, many of us are posting our updates on Twitter. Here’s a great sweepstakes that will keep you tweeting!

Travelers can now enter the Keep on Tweetin’ Sweepstakes today through April 14 for a chance to win $10,000 AND get free inflight Twitter access on participating flights, thanks to Gogo Inflight Internet. And it gets better…Keep on Tweetin’ Sweepstakes participants are eligible to come back EVERY DAY from March 14 – April 14 to enter for a chance to win. Travelers can either enter from the ground at gogoinflight.com or from 30,000 feet by breaking out their laptop or mobile device inflight.

Enter at gogoinflight.com. And send a tweet to @smartwomentrav when you’re in-flight!


  1. Their service is horrifyingly bad. I have used (or tried to use it) a number of times and when it works it is ok (painfully slow but whatever) but when it is glitchy it is just unbearable but they will charge you anyway and refuse a refund. I bought a month subscription only to find on some flights it would let me log in, claim I was connected, then refuse to let me access any websites besides Delta or GoGo. Even their “live chat” was completely inaccessible during the flight. And here is the real kicker: absolutely no refunds or accommodation from them. When I let them know they tell me, too bad. At most they kick down a code for a single use on a single flight (hello? I am on a monthly subscription, that is kind of pointless, no?). Horrendous and rude cut-and-paste customer service when you are on the ground and dead zero customer service when you are in the air (when you really need to use it).

    All I can say is that I really hope to see a competing service soon, because as an elite frequent flier on Delta, I can promise you I would be urging them to switch away from GoGo.

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