Hotel Room Challenges . . . And the One I Lost

One of the many challenges of travel is to figure out how things work in different environments. In a hotel room, we need to figure out how to turn on and off the lights, how to change the temperature, how to work the coffee pot, turn on the television and turn on the shower. Sometimes even figuring out how to flush the toilet can be interesting.

I am definitely challenged my hotel room this week, which happens to be in Oslo, Norway:

How to turn off the bedside lamps? Ah, reach behind the table and pull up a switch.

How to change the temperature? Open or close the window. There is no thermostat in my room.

How to work the coffee pot? Fill the hot water pot and turn it on. Phew, an easy one!

How to turn on the shower? Here’s where I really failed. The pictures say it all.

a shower with a shower head and a shower head

a bathroom with a shower and a shower door

Needless to say, the shower won this battle!

But not to be defeated, I was prepared for shower #2! I pointed that dreadful shower wand backwards in case it inadvertently got turned on again. I may get caught once, but I won’t get caught again!

How about you? What challenges in a hotel room have you lost and then conquered?

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  1. took me a while (minutes) to figure out on some hotels requiring the room key into its reader to power up everything in the room (lights, A/C, plugs, etc.)

  2. Carol,

    I can’t begin to think of a challenge until I play yours like a rerun of a bad movie…

    My mind saw a movie on fast forward, seeing your shower jet with the force of a fire hose on full open.

    Stepping in front of it probably felt like a laser boring a hole into your body — plus the spray of water, now split into several directions, drenching the wood floor.

    You have my sympathy.

    Will you be holding a webinar on your new skills acquired due to this (most recent, as I bet there have been others) shower fire drill?


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