A Wake-Up Call on Steroids

If you’re like me and travel a lot, you could sometimes use a friendly reminder. Send out that report before 5 PM, get to the gym before dinner, join that conference call … all tasks that can easily get lost when on the road. The reminders on my phone can get lost in all of the other notifications I get throughout the day.

Wakerupper.com helps me get over these hurdles and keeps me on track, especially when I’m traveling. You can set up free phone call reminders for anything – so much more than just a wake-up call! You can even leave yourself a little note to be read back to you when the call comes in. My busy life just got a bit more manageable.

Most importantly, Wakerupper.com lives up to its name as a wake up service. I despise the time it takes to learn how my hotel room’s alarm clock works and always dread accidentally setting my alarm for 6:00 PM instead of 6:00 AM. The hotel’s wake-up call service is an option, but I’ve had mornings where the call never came (has this ever happened to you?) or maybe you don’t want to wake your partner with a loud alarm. This service works great when staying with friends or other places where wake-up call service doesn’t exist. And if you like a snooze alarm which arrives a few minutes after your regular alarm, Wakerupper has that too.

The service is free when setting up reminders on Wakerupper’s site. They also provide a premium service that includes recurring calls, voice reminders and a snooze feature. I haven’t had the need for these yet, but you might.

Since wake up calls are so important (especially on early-morning flight days!), Wakerupper.com is good insurance to your regular alarm. You may find you fully switch to Wakerupper and have set your last hotel room alarm clock forever!

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