National Car Rental’s Pearls of Travel Wisdom

I will be blogging on National Car Rental’s Facebook Page for the next couple of weeks. Posts from Pearls of Travel Wisdom will appear as part of National’s fan page as well. This is one way that National Car Rental is offering their customers ways to travel safer, smarter and with more enjoyment.

My participation in National’s Facebook Page is sponsored by National Car Rental. I’ve been renting cars from National throughout my many years of business and personal travel and I love their Emerald Aisle program. With Emerald Aisle membership, you can pick your own car – much better than having a car rental company assign you a car. And the safety of selecting a car immediately upon entering the car rental lot is so much safer than having to traipse to the farthest car in the lot late at night dragging your suitcase after a long flight.

Check out the National Car Rental Facebook page and share your Pearls of Travel Wisdom about car rentals with National – or share a comment on this post.

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