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United’s New United Club at O’Hare

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I love the smell of a new car and new house. Today I got to experience the smell of a new lounge — the new United Club at Chicago’s O’Hare in Terminal 2.

The lounge opened four days ago, on Sunday December 23rd. It is very roomy with lots of wide open spaces and lots of seating, including many stools set up where you can overlook the planes coming and going. And power outlets and USB plug-ins galore!

The United Club is in Terminal 2 of ORD and welcomes travelers from nearby United, US Air and Air Canada flights. It holds about 250 guests. For those traveling from gates in Terminal 1’s C-side, there is a 5-minute bus ride between gates E1 and C9. Rumor has it that United plans to do a similar modern lounge on the C-side of Terminal 1 though no firm date.

It was a hike today from the B-side, but worth the walk – and the new lounge smell!

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  1. Any footstools to be found? Or are they still employing someone to go around and tell people to keep their feet off the furniture?

  2. Hmmm… I didn’t see any footstools. Most tables are side-tables or counters wit a few round tables in a pod of 4 chairs. Also didn’t see anyone telling people to keep their feet off the tables. Footstools definitely would be nice.

  3. The lounge is available to anyone who has access to any United Club, whether it be by a business/first class ticket, United Club membership, United MileagePlus Club credit card, Priority Pass membership, etc.

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