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Battery is Charged, Camera is Ready to . . . Uh, Maybe Not

Three flights await me today as I head back home to Florida from Norway. On my similar trip home last month, I was upgraded to United First. Enjoying turn-down service for the first time was exciting so I wanted to capture the memories of this on camera. I took photos of the seat after the cushion and blanket were in place and I asked the flight attendant to take photos of me on I was all tucked in. She had as much fun doing this as I did. So knowing I have three flights today, I want to be sure my camera battery is all charged and ready to go for when something interesting shows up.

Until I read this, that is. Then I had it reiterated by Angelina, BoardingArea’s Just Another Points Traveler.

I debate whether to admit I’ve taken photos of airplane seats, in-flight entertainment systems, the contents of an overhead bin, or the window with a pull-down shade in the lav… but now I’ve gone and done it. My sins are revealed. I never knew there were rules against taking photos like these. Not taking photos of airplane engines, the flight deck area – that I understand, but the in-flight entertainment system? Really? I’ll definitely be reading the Hemispheres magazine today. And maybe snapping a photo or two of the content in the magazine. Since the magazine is free to take, I assume I can take photos of its contents. But maybe I shouldn’t assume.

Anyway, back to my original thought. The battery is charged, the camera is ready to go. And I’ll be ready to capture another fun moment wherever it may occur.

P.S. The photo of the window with the pull-down shade? SAS, not United. Phew, I’m safe on that count.

On second thought, I had better be reading SAS’s Scanorama magazine on flight #1 today. I don’t want to be committing an international crime.

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  1. Yes, but people want to know how you managed without Starbucks in Norway, since you lamented that there was no coffee to be had there while you were travelling:-)

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