SASsy Lounge in Copenhagen

The SAS Lounge in Copenhagen has become my go-to lounge on my monthly flights between the US and Norway. My layovers on the way to Norway are usually short, just enough time to run into the lounge, grab a coffee, use the restroom and head to my last flight. Conveniently located just 30 seconds away from the ‘domestic’ gates (flights to other Scandinavia locations), I can enjoy every drop of my early morning latte and still get to the gate in time.

On my way back to the States, my layover is usually longer — four hours in today’s case. Not enough time to get into the city center; too much time to sit at the gate. So the SAS Lounge is the perfect place to await my international flight back to the US. A morning latte and light breakfast (yogurt, cereal, cheese and luncheon meats, cucumbers and red/green peppers and some fresh fruit is offered) and then I’m ready to plug-in and get online while I watch CNN International News.  (The wine and luncheon items are being set out now, about 10:30am.)

This is an expansive lounge — a main area as you enter the lounge with food and beverage; an entire upper level with all the same offerings, and a back area on the main floor that offers quieter areas away from the crowds and also holds the lounge’s meeting rooms. Upstairs are Rest Cabins, which I was offered awhile back when I had a long flight delay.

Take your pick of seating near a fireplace, television or food; sit in a comfy or modern chair or at a snazzy wood table with other travelers. If you have your children with you, there’s a nice big play room at the front of the lounge. There is also a section with numerous Apple computers and a printer to use and desk areas for working. I prefer working in a comfy chair and each section of chairs has ample electrical outlets. Wifi is free and works well.

I will need to go through Passport Control to get to my next gate. Stepping just outside the lounge doors, I can see how long the queue is. Sometimes the queue reaches back almost to the lounge and can take 15 minutes or longer to get through; other times the lines are non-existent. Speaking of Passport Control, I’d better pack up and get moving … I’m homeward bound — relaxed, fed and caffeinated thanks to the SAS Lounge in Copenhagen.

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  1. I really like this lounge too. Lots of light upstairs, varied spaces, some interesting books lying around. Decent quality and selection of food at lunchtime too. Speaking of food, I ran into a Copenhagen celebrity in the lounge, Rene Redzepi. Got to chat about my dinner at his famous restaurant NOMA. Great guy.

  2. You have a strange view of the term “domestic” there. The actual domestic flights are about as far from the lounge as you can get and still be in the same building, easily a 10-15 minute hike all the way down to the end of the A pier.

  3. Hi Seth — When i referred to “domestic” above, it was for flights to other Scandinavia locations — and these are right outside the door of the lounge (“C” gates, maybe, if my memory is correct). There is a Starbucks outside the SAS Lounge and a bit to the right and my gates to Norway are near this Starbucks. You’re correct that the flights to the US are a long hallway walk away.

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