If You Check A Bag, Check Out Bags VIP

I almost never check my bag. The primary reason is not because I fear having my luggage lost, but because I despise waiting at baggage claim for my bag. I want to be on my way quickly — not shuffling from one foot to the other waiting for many minutes for the start of the bag parade. Ugh, such unproductive time! Then holding my breath until I see my bag come along the belt (ok, my secondary fear is forever lost luggage).

This past week, however, I needed to check my bag. I had liquids greater than the 3 oz. size to get home. A perfect time to try out Bags VIP Luggage Delivery. I used a promo code given to me by company execs I met at trade shows to try out their service.

Bags VIP’s business is to recover and deliver your luggage to your home or hotel within 4 hours of your arrival. They service over 250 airports. They pick your bag(s) up in baggage claim so you don’t have to.

My flight was scheduled to arrive at 11:30pm. I didn’t want my luggage delivered within 4 hours because I didn’t want to stay awake that long! When I contacted the company to ask how they handle these late night arrivals, they said to leave special instructions when the reservation was made online. Their website also says that bags arriving 11pm or after are delivered by noon the following day. This worked for me so I made a reservation.

The cost of baggage delivery service?


  • $29.95 for one bag
  • $39.95 for two bags
  • $49.95 for 3 to 8 bags

The rate applies to a delivery area up to 40 miles from the airport, with additional fees for additional miles. Luggage fees by the airline still apply.

An email confirmation of my reservation was quickly received.

Upon arrival into my home airport in Orlando (MCO) at 11:30pm, I bypassed baggage claim entirely. I felt a bit uncertain about doing this, wondering if my bag would be circling ’round and ’round the carousel and then be sitting unguarded in the baggage area. Though once I got in the car to drive home, my reticence faded and I looked forward to getting home.

By 12:30pm, I received an email with this message:

“Your Bags VIP local delivery agent has picked up your delivery from airport baggage claim. You will receive an email when it is on its way to the address you provided.”

Soon thereafter, I received this message based on my request to not deliver within 4 hours:

“This email is to confirm that we have received your request to have your Bags VIP delivery held for delivery until a later time. Please contact us if any further changes need to be made to your order.”

At 8:30am, “Your Bags VIP local delivery agent is on the way with your baggage delivery. We will let you know when the delivery has been completed.”
and by 9:50am, “Your Bags VIP local delivery agent has notified us that your baggage delivery has been completed. Thank you for using Bags VIP.”

A day later, I received this final email from Bags VIP’s Customer Service: “Thank you for choosing Bags VIP to Make Travel Easier. I hope you enjoyed your flight into Orlando. Customer feedback is very important to us and we would like to ask for your comments about the Bags VIP luggage delivery. We would also like to know how you heard about the service.

Please simply reply to this email with your comments.”

You can tell from my first experience with Bags VIP that all went great. Actually it was better than expected because of the great email communications along the way.

Could Bags VIP be of value to you or family or friends if bags are checked?

  • Yes, if time waiting in the baggage claim area drives you nuts (like it does me)!
  • Yes, if you’re heading to a client’s office or other location before arriving at your hotel and you don’t want to be dragging your bag with you.
  • Yes, if you’re traveling with your family and want to get your vacation started right away upon landing rather than wait for everyone’s bags.
  • Yes, if you are bringing an over-sized item with you (hmmm, golf bags to Florida perhaps??) and don’t want the hassle of transporting it.

Since Bags VIP Luggage Delivery offers this service at 250 airports, they’re worth putting in your Contact list for such a situation.

Bags VIP offered additional promo codes to share with a few of you. Stay tuned tomorrow and I’ll let you know how to have a chance to experience Bags VIP for free!


  1. Hi Carol…thank you for trying our Bags VIP luggage delivery service! We’re so glad your first experience was positive one and we hope we have the opportunity to travel with you again in the near future!

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