Turn-Down Service: United vs. My Husband’s

My husband learned that he now has competition when it comes to turn-down service. Competition for what, you ask? Well, when I return from a business trip in the evening, my side of the bed is always turned-down and ready for me, just like at a nice hotel. No chocolates, but often fresh flowers on my nightstand. He is always telling friends and family that since I travel so much, he has to compete for my business.

Now he has competition, or so he thinks.

Using one of my Global Premier Upgrades on United, I upgraded from business to first class on a trip to Hong Kong. After dinner and dessert, I was asked if I would like turn-down service. Turn down service? Really? Of course I’d love turn down service!

United TurnDown Service Before pix

I scooted out of my seat and let the flight attendant take over. Out came a pad for the base, some pillows, and a blanket. The pad is very slim, but at least it offered a tiny bit more comfort than being directly on the seat, and it made the seat like a bed.

United TurnDown Service After pix

After the flight attendant got my bed (I mean, seat) all arranged, I slid under the blanket, donned my eye mask and snoozed off to la-la-land.

United TurnDown Service2

I could definitely get used to this turn-down service while in flight, and it goes without saying that I could definitely get used to international First Class.

I acknowledge that I’ve gotten very spoiled by my husband’s frequent turn-down service. As nice as United’s service was, it pales in comparison to having my husband welcome me home with freshly-washed sheets, flowers on my nightstand and turned down sheets waiting for me!

So United, you get points for turn-down service, though my husband is the ultimate winner in my book.

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  1. Complaints like this is another reason why UA will eventually phase out international first class altogether.

  2. A hubby that misses you wins! He gets my vote, too! United did well, but it would have been even better if you had the lie-flat seat, for sure. Very nice!

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