Seriously, Airplane Food at Home?

Like there are not enough complaints already about airplane food (IF there is even food served), Fox News is reporting that LSG Sky Chefs is making the airplane food you love to hate available via home delivery. Yes, Sky Chef catering will deliver meals to you right in the comfort of your own home.

LSG Airplane Food

Well, there are some limitations. First, it is not exactly Sky Chef that will fill the orders. Instead, this service is provided by Air Food One who will send you a meal each week depending on your preferences. Second, it is only available in Germany at the present time.

But the article brings up an interesting point. With the weekly cost to consumers of between $11.61 and $12.90 per meal, one just has to wonder what the airlines are paying for these meals. Half that much, maybe less?

For those who have this burning desire to try out these meals, there are a few things you can do to re-live that excitement of your experience up in the air. Begin by arranging your seating in front of your television. If you seem to attract a broken IFE, feel free to turn off your television.

Also, find the narrowest seat you have in your home. Bonus points if you can squeeze in others on either side of you while enjoying the sounds of a wailing baby in the background.

Then pull out the tiniest salt and pepper shakers you have (ok, I do admit to having airline salt and pepper shakers at home) and enjoy!

Airline Salt and Pepper shakers

Bon appétit!





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