Changes in Travel Trends

When a company like Euromonitor International makes accurate predictions about travel for nine years running, I like to peek at what they see as trends. Here are a few examples:

Euromonitor is seeing a noticeable shift toward healthy food alternatives

This means travelers are seeking more organic food choices and recognizing sensitivities to lactose and gluten. I have certainly modified my own diet so it looks like I am on the right side of this one. A trend they don’t mention is the rise in local craft beers and signature mixed drinks.

China is an emerging market for the cruise industry

Have to agree with this as well since China has over nine thousand miles of coastline. However, having taken a cruise to one of their ports, I have to say the cruiselines need to do a much better job of understanding this market. At least on my ship, there was no Chinese food, no explanation of Chinese culture, and no way to convert to Chinese currency. Indeed, there were no crew members that I met who spoke Chinese. China definitely has the potential to be the greatest cruise destination in the world but it won’t happen until the lines wake up and make some serious changes.

Low cost airlines with Business Class are moving faster into the Middle East

With the Middle Eastern business class market growing 7% over the past few years, Euromonitor sees continued greater growth among the low cost carriers for business class services. Ryanair, for example, began such service a couple months ago.

Rise of the PANKS

I remember learning about DINKS many years ago. For those who don’t know, it referred to working couples with no children. In other words, Double Income, No Kids. The emerging trend now is PANKS. They are the demographic known as Professional Aunts, No Kids. I guess their professional husbands would be known as PUNKS, no?

Be on the lookout for MAMILS

Another newcomer to the acronym ranks, these are Middle Aged Men in Lycra. Euromonitor sees golfing on the decline, replaced by men with a leisure love of biking. These MAMILS are also much more likely to take adventure-driven vacations, not only for biking but also things like hiking, sailing, kayaking, and maybe mountain climbing.

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