A Little Holiday Cheer Shared by Rick Seaney

Most of us have had to deal with flight delays and cancelations at one time or another. We have endured seat kickers, screaming babies, ‘aromatic’ passengers, drunks, delayed – or worse – lost baggage, and a host of other things that really challenge the flying experience. This is why I am grateful to Rick Seaney for posting this article about positive flight experiences this year.

Sad that he listed only five such outstanding stories, even sadder that they are such an exception in the flying universe. But during this holiday season when we celebrate peace on earth, enjoy each of these stories and be happy for these passengers. Kudos to the airlines and the individual employees who stepped up and made a difference in the lives of their passengers. T’would be nice if next year, Rick will have dozens of similar tales.

Happy holidays to everyone and safe travels to each of you.

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