Planes, Boats, Dogs – What’s Next in our Sharing Economy?

The expansion of the sharing economy continues as we wrap up 2014 and start our predictions on what 2015 will bring.

Several months ago, Airbnb expanded out of their predominant leisure market into the business traveler market. Airbnb has grown to over 1,000,000 properties (including accommodations in 600+ castles, tree houses, busses and boats) and 25,000,000 million guests.

With results like this, eyes from other markets are of course watching and this “sharing economy” continues to grow.

A Florida pilot is developing a carpooling service for air travel. Airlyft is starting in 2015 in the Tampa/St. Petersburg area, with requests being taken for other areas. This offering faces hurdles by the FAA for safety reasons. Renting a room from a homeowner is one thing. Renting a plane that you may not be fully certified to fly is something else.


If the in-the-air carpooling isn’t for you, how about boat-sharing? Check out the boat rentals offered by Boatbound. They claim to be the fastest growing “pier-to-pier” boat rental marketplace. No need for any boating experience – just select a boat that comes with its own captain – or select a boat you man yourself. GetMyBoat is a similar boat-sharing operation with 25,000+ boat rentals listed worldwide.


Car and bike rentals have existed is many cities for awhile. Even dogs can be rented at some hotels. Yes, dogs.

Eiffel Tower houseboat

It makes you wonder what else is in the crystal ball for 2015 in this growing “sharing economy?”

While you’re looking into that crystal ball, I’ll be with my rent-a-pup on this Eiffel Tower houseboat.

And no, my wonderful husband is NOT for sharing!



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