Offsite Airport Parking – Want to See Your Car Again?

Wow, 450 people are receiving a very nasty surprise when arriving back home to Orlando International Airport this holiday season They parked their cars at an offsite parking lot, Airport Quick Parking on Jetport Drive. While they were away, Airport Quick Parking closed their doors according to the Orlando Sentinel.

Airport Quick Parking

Here is the parking lot company’s phone message: “Hello, We are sorry to inform you that Airport Quick Parking is out of business due to unforeseen circumstances. However, your cars are perfectly secure in the parking lot where you left them. We ask you to make your way to the lot and someone should be there to assist you. Our apology and thank you.”

“Make your way to the lot?” How? All parking lot shuttles have ceased. Jetport Drive is a few miles away from the airport terminals so car owners, once they call for the shuttle and learn their parking lot trek won’t be so quick after all, will have to find their way to a taxi stand in order to get to the car lot.  Those who valet-parked their cars will be praying not only for their car to still be there but also that their car key is available.

And “thank you?” I’m sure these 450 people will have another choice word to use instead of “thank.”

I love their website’s list of “Silent Features.” They forgot to mention the most important ones — you will spend more in taxi fees than the low $3.49/day parking fee and you may never see your car again!

Airport Quick Parking Silent Features

The only good news — their parking fee should be zero, unless the “someone [who] should be there to assist you” has their hand out to collect the fees.

Have you ever heard of an airport parking lot closing down like this — while still in use? It’s sure to get more drivers anteing up for the higher rate, but less risky, on-site airport parking lots.

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  1. Hops was a chain of casual dining restaurants which had many locations; and their specialty was beer and root beer brewed right on the premises to pair with your meal. I used to enjoy the root beer, as it was served in a thick frosty glass mug.

    Imagine the surprise of the diners at a location in North Carolina last year where there were suddenly forced out of the restaurant during their meal because the restaurant closed immediately:


    It is a good thing that the parking lot outside was not operated by Airport Quick Parking…

  2. Ohmigosh – I didn’t know Hops closed! There is (was?) a Hops location outside of our nearby mall. Hmmm, come to think of it, I haven’t been to the mall in a very long time so maybe it’s not there either 🙁

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