Be One of Three Winners in this New Travel Giveaway

Today I am beginning a new travel giveaway and the prize will be a copy of my book, Business Travel Success: How to Reduce Stress, Be More Productive and Travel With Confidence. It is loaded with over a thousand travel tips and most of them apply to leisure travelers as well as business travelers.

Instead of having one winning entry drawn, I am getting into the holiday spirit so I will give away three copies of the book.Business Travel Success

This book is all about travel tips so to enter, just post a comment here about a travel tip that will help your fellow travelers. It can be any tip related to travel, even one that is already in the book.

I will end this contest on Friday, December 12, 2014 at midnight U.S. Eastern time. I will randomly draw the winning entries and post the winner ID’s on Saturday. I will contact each winner by email and they will have three days to respond. If I do not hear from a winner within those three days, I will select another name until all three prizes are awarded.

This contest is limited to those in the U.S. The winners will have to provide their names and addresses for shipping. Please note, entries are limited to only one per person, age 18+.

Good luck to everyone!


  1. instead of dealing with country-specific adaptors for every trip, just invest in an universal adaptor that will serve you wherever you go!

  2. Opt for the US passport card when you renew your passport. It comes in handy on cruises. You can leave your passport in the shipboard safe and take it with your ship card (it’s waterproof) in case you get detained or miss the ship in a foreign country. Oh and it’s really cool looking also.

  3. When traveling Internationally, always bring some change from a past trip to take the first taxi to your hotel, and then use the local ATM machines in town to get cash for the next days.

  4. If I’m not able to fly in biz or first, I like to pack a few mini bottles of alcohol to enjoy with my soft drinks on board. I also like to bring my own baggies of pretzels and other snacks. With some jazz on the iPod, and movies on my laptop, I make my own little First Class! 😀

  5. On your departure date,before leaving the premises or house ,Re-check your travel documents make sure you have everything necessary and a MUST with you

  6. Don’t forget to charge your electronic devices (phones, laptop, iPads, etc) before you go to the airport.

  7. Pack light…you really don’t need all that stuff. Pack clothes that go together and you will be set.

  8. Always lock your luggage! It helps with the less than honest people out there, and it also prevents your bags from opening accidentally.

  9. Running low on your phones battery lift. Bring your charger and plug. Most airport have outlets to charge your phone without having to pay to charge. Or invest in a power bank unit. It’ll give you one full charge. You can get one for less than $20. Check Amazon or
    Happy Travels

  10. Although we are in the digital age and can always look at saved pictures and documents on our phones/electronic devices, it’s good to bring a backup paper copy of directions when traveling to a foreign country, such as airport to hotel, hotel to restaurant.

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