The Most Visited Country in the World is??

Each of us could take a guess at which countries in the world are the most visited but fortunately, we don’t have to. While the travel numbers for 2014 are not yet available, we do have visitor numbers for 2013 and the results are at least interesting if not surprising. According to this article, the top ten (beginning at the bottom) are…

  • 10. Thailand
  • 9. Russia
  • 8. United Kingdom
  • 7. Germany
  • 6. Turkey
  • 5. Italy
  • 4. China
  • 3. Spain
  • 2. United States

While I would have thought that the USA would have been #1, they say that the top destination for travelers was France with nearly 85 million visitors. That figure is well in front of second place America who had less than 70 million.

Santé, France!

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  1. The top 10 is quite varied. I would have thought most of them would be from Europe since all EU countries utilize the euro and train travel is well established there. Given the weak euro as of late and the strong USD, hopefully more Americans will travel outside North/Central America this year.

  2. If France was a State of Europe, would it still be #1? Meaning, how many international tourists visited France excluding European national.

    To get a better comparison, use NYC and Paris as an example and California and France.

    New York, for instance gets almost 55 million tourists compared with 33 million for Paris and California gets 227 million tourists compared to 83 million for France.

    Put it another way, France just benefits by being a small country and within Western Europe, which is a third the size of US and more populated.

  3. France has been top of the list for years. I’m surprised the USA has climbed so high despite the unfriendly and intrusive “welcome” at its borders. That ranking is probably down to Mickey Mouse.

  4. Expect Russia to be out of 10 this year. Speaking of “unfriendly”, what about those Russian customs!

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