Spa-Time at the Airport – Take Time to Indulge

It's another travel Monday. My bag is packed, my laptop tote is ready to go, bills have been paid and the house has been organized (the maid is coming this week so I need to pre-clean). All that needs to get done is to put a fresh coat of nail polish on.  Unfortunately, there is no time to do so before heading out the door, and I did not even think about getting my nails done while I was home over the weekend.  So what's a girl to do when nails are bare, time is slim and an airport visit is in your future? 

I first checked online to see if the Orlando airport offered any spa or nail service.  Sure enough, a facility named XpresSpa is located in MCO.  They offer a Mani-Xpress, custom fit for traveling schedules. XpresSpa also offer massages, facials, pedicures, waxing and cater to both female and male. They sell products at their stores and online and are located in several U.S. airports as well as international. Each spa is open 7 days a week, 16 hours a day. Check XpresSpa's website to see if they are in an airport near you. D_Parture Spa is also in Orlando. They offer similar services to XpresSpa and also offer haircuts for the entire family. Their menu of services has a nice feature of showing the number of minutes involved in each service so you can plan accordingly before a flight. A third choice you may find in your airport (or mall) is 10MinuteManicure. Not only can you get a quick manicure, teeth whitening is an option as well. Between these three companies (as well as others offering spa services at many airports), there is something for everyone, and hopefully within the right time schedule.

Unfortunately for my timeframe, I will be at the airport in the early morning hours and the spas in Orlando are not yet open, so I'll be getting on the plane without a fresh coat of polish.  However, it might be easier for me to find a nail spa in my arrival city, as it will be easier to get my nails polished and not have to worry about going through security, extracting my driver's license from my wallet, and pulling my laptop out of my tote … things that can easily destroy just-polished nails.

A massage would be fantastic if a long flight delay is now in your schedule. Why stress over the flight delay? Go find a spa and enjoy a wonderful massage, then get on the flight and fall asleep. Though If I had a massage prior to boarding, I would probably be a no-show for my flight – I'd be sleeping right on the massage table.

If your schedule is always go, go, go like mine, whether at home or on the road, you rarely make time to enjoy a massage or even a manicure.  Some of these great airport services may be just the ticket to relax and put a bit of enjoyment into your journey.

To find a spa in an airport you travel through, there is a good list by airport tracked by Travel To Wellness. also has a list of airport spas for the U.S. and Canada.

If you have used any airport spa services, let us know your thoughts. I'd really like to know if nail polish really hardens within 10 minutes so I can stroll though the TSA process with no dings to my just-done nails.

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