Travel Itinerary to Better Health

It’s so easy to say that weight loss is futile when you travel.  With unhealthy airline food (when you can even get food), dining out for all your meals, conference luncheons of pasta and dessert that follow the morning bagel and sweet roll … no wonder you can get off the plane with an extra pound or two.  Add in years of travel and the pounds add up faster than your air miles do.

Thousands of times I have used the excuse of “I travel” to explain why I am over my desired weight. Long work days and hours spent in travel time are great for explaining why I have little time to exercise.  And when girl-talk gets going, I find I am not the only one with digestive issues when on the road.  Now, all of that is changing.  I am on my way to a lean, fit body and travel will no longer be an excuse.

So what am I doing differently that I have not been doing in my many years of travel?

First, I am bringing a high-quality protein shake mix that I can make in my hotel room for my breakfast.  I’ve mixed up my protein shake mix with a spoon in a 12 oz. cup and added ice.  If I am using the blender (I like to have my Magic Bullet
with me), I also blend in a cup of berries.  Without the blender, the berries can be eaten separately.
Second, I am asking restaurants to prepare a meal without sauces, gravies, butter or lots of oil. Instead, I ask for a grilled chicken breast or salmon, for example, with a double-side of grilled vegetables. No pasta, potato or bread. Salads topped with the same types of grilled protein, along with oil and vinegar dressing, and I have a great lunch. I also like to grab lunch or dinner at Whole Foods if there is one nearby, as their salads and meat choices make for great meals. 

Third, I am traveling with exercise bands.  They’re a great way to get in a decent workout when there is either no fitness center in a hotel or very limited time to exercise.  I also have my X-Iser in my hotel room so I can get a great workout in just minutes (you can travel with the X-Iser as it fits in many roller bags and weighs just 14 pounds).

Fourth, and very importantly, I am using a coach to help me accomplish my goals. I have tried unsuccessfully over the years to get fit myself (“I’m smart enough to do this on my own,” or so I thought), and have realized that I need to enlist the help of an expert. I am working via phone and email with JJ Virgin, Nutritionist to the Stars and expert from shows like Dr. Phil and Extreme Makeover.  In just a few weeks, I have gotten into a very healthy eating habit, even in hotels and airports, my weight is heading down and I’m losing inches. I am very excited!  JJ has a free call this Saturday if you’d like to hear about the 21-day Detox program that I followed.  Go to JJ’s Lose Weight call and listen in.

I’ll put together a list of healthier eating choices in airports so you, too, can grab a better meal before boarding a flight.  If you have favorites that you’d like to share, post a comment and we’ll get it on the list.

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