My Mom Knows Where My Travels Take Me … But How?

The good news is that my Mom usually knows where I’m traveling to. The not-so-good news is that she doesn’t learn my whereabouts from me … not directly anyway.

My mom finds out what parts of the globe I’m in by reading my ezine, Pearl of Travel Wisdom. I send out this ezine every week to thousands around the globe. Mom will read this when she gets around to checking her email and she’ll then know where I’m at this week or where I’ve just been, and maybe where I’m heading.

When I stop to contemplate this latest way of keeping in touch with my mom, I want to be laugh and cry.

  • Cry because an ezine isn’t the way a daughter should let her mom know where she’s at.  What has this world come to that it’s easier to update a fan page, post a tweet or send an ezine than it is to make the time to call Mom from my hotel room?
  • Laugh because it’s great to know that Mom is sufficiently tech-savvy (ok, this is being generous!) to join the new way of online life.  Mom will never, ever be a Facebook friend or a Twitter follower, but she’s ok with email. It helps that my ezine is available directly within the body of my email. If it was in Adobe, the ‘open an attachment’ thing would be an issue.

So while I cross the continental U.S. this week and spend time in three cities before heading home for a few days, my Mom will feel some comfort in knowing where I’m at and where I’m heading because she has my ezine. She also likes the photos I include, and she really likes when I include a Featured Smart Women Traveler.

And just so you don’t think I’m a really horrible daughter, I actually do talk on the phone with my Mom. And I travel with her a few times each year. I may not call her every week, but I do call each time that I’m home on a Sunday night. I walk the dog while she and I talk, and her first question to me is always, “And where are you now?”

To see how Mom finds out where I’m at, see this week’s Pearls of Travel Wisdom ezine.

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