Curling Iron in an Airport Bathroom — Really!

The one thing I want to do the most after getting off a long international flight is to brush out my hair. It feels plastered to my head after being against the seat for many hours. No comb in the business class kit is ever going to get through my thick hair.

I flew into the Birmingham, UK airport and headed to the ladies’ room. I thought I could fluff out my hair with my fingers. Even that’s better than flat-head. a vending machine with a picture of a woman

But look – they have a hair curler/straightener! Just £1 for 90 seconds of a hot wand to run through your hair and you’ll look like the beauty in the photo, even coming off of an international flight!

Interested? Not me! I have never shared a hair brush. Never sharing hair instruments was right up there with wearing clean underwear every day, according to my mom.

What do you think, ladies? Would you use this?

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  1. Carol,
    I just saw your blog and although I have been to London many times I have failed to notice the “curling iron”. At first I thought WOW what a great idea and then I did the same as you “NO Way”. It would be nice if they furnished something to sanitize the wand with and maybe I would think about it but “REALLY” I don’t think so….Thanks for the thought..

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