Airport Lounge or Car Service Lounge?

Traveling around the world has taken me to hundreds of airport lounges, some better than others. Yesterday I enjoyed a similar but different experience. Being in town this week and my car needing service, I took it back to where I bought the car, Lexus of Orlando. Yes, I had to wait a few hours for my car but they couldn’t have made the time any better. It was like being in an airport lounge with a three-hour layover.

a car in a showroomLike some of the better airport lounges, I was offered a choice of a quiet room, playroom for children, business center, or three tv viewing areas with lots of comfortable seating. Free Wi-Fi, Starbucks coffee, cold drinks, and bagels were already waiting for customers in the morning.

From there, it just got better. Still there at lunchtime? Well, they serve fruit, sandwiches, chips, and cookies. And how many airport lounges offer iPad stations and Massage Chairs, much less a hand washed car to drive home?

a beverage coolers in a room

a variety of food on a counterThey also offer a wonderful unique service for business travelers. Simply drive to the airport and leave your car at the MCO-connected Hyatt Hotel. The service department arranges to pick up the car at the airport, take it back to the dealership for service, and return it to the airport when I arrive home. This is exceptional for those who normally park at the airport lot and hike inside. No more long trek, just drop off the car at the Hyatt valet service and take the elevator down to the gates.

Yes, I could have taken advantage of their valet service when flying out in a few days but I was curious to try out their lounge. No disappointment. I know this is a shameless plug for Lexus of Orlando but they earned it with outstanding customer service! Does your city offer something similar or is this unique?

a pair of reclining chairs in front of a window
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