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Travel Goods Show 2013 – What’s Hot! (Part 1 of 3)

The recent annual trade-only 2013 TGA Travel Good Show was held once again in Las Vegas. For many exhibitors, this is the place to present new products as well as enhancements to their existing lines. Especially exciting are the first-time exhibitors who bring so much innovation to the world of travel. This is a 3-part series on some of the hot products from this year’s show.

Nomad VektlosNomad Vektlos Carry On

Very interesting concept designed by frequent traveler Manuel Signori. It is a travel bag with 12 possible configurations which should meet most airline carry-on requirements.  The components are made of denier cordura with 410 denier pack cloth. The water resistant bag with all the attachments only weighs about 5 lbs.  The primary modules are a backpack (which can also be used as a sling bag), shoulder/messenger bag, shoe bag, and lateral bags. The bag package, with all components made in the USA, retails for $289. Shhh, this is a secret… the new design will include snap-on wheels for real ease in an airport.  [Vektlos]


Founder Scott Jordan keeps coming up with ways to make travel easier by adding to their product line of incredibly versatile products. It is easily possible to make a trip of one or two days with just Scottevest outerwear (and no luggage) due to their many pockets. Some outerwear have as few as 6 pockets while others have as many as 24. Some of these pockets can carry almost anything, including tablets and laptop computers. Apparel line has been expanded to include everything from underwear and shirts to lightweight vests to trench coats. Many styles for men and women but they really have to be seen to be appreciated. I bought a Scottevest trench coat in a beautiful red color two years ago.  I love the quantity, depth and security of the pockets. Prices vary. [Scottevest]


I bought a Joby GorillaPod some years ago and found it to be very practical support for my camera. Well, the products of today are even better. One of them, the $30 GripTight GorillaPod Stand, is a smaller version of their original design which works perfectly for those times when you need flexibility with either a compact digital camera or a cellphone. Hard to explain but will it make sense when you check out their web page. Another terrific product is their $30 Grip Tight Micro Stand for cellphones. Very tiny but excellent adjustable support when you need a hands-free phone for taking non-wobbly photos or perhaps talking on Skype. Check out their information page and videos here. [Joby]

Tomorrow I will cover more hot products from the Travel Goods Show so stay tuned for more items to add to your shopping list!


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