Travel Goods Show 2013 – What’s Hot! (Part 2 of 3)

The 2013 Travel Goods Show just wrapped up, and yesterday we brought you our first look at some of this year’s hottest products. Today, we look at a new twist on luggage wrapping, an innovative way to find lost items, and some new luggage that’s sure to see a lot of overhead bins.



It is very common in airports outside the US to see kiosks that wrap your checked bags in plastic before you turn them over to the airlines. The wrapping provides excellent bag protection and certainly lets you know when your bag has been examined.  Uwrap founder Daniel Valdespino takes this concept one step further. He created a reusable TSA-friendly bag cover which includes damage or loss coverage up to $3300. The $10 bags are available in four sizes and each comes with a registration number. The company also offers a 24-hour customer service call center. [UWrap Bags]



No one wants to lose anything when they travel but fact is, it happens many hundreds of times every day. Small items like a book or a magazine are not a big deal but what if you lost your phone or computer or perhaps your travel bag or an expensive camera? What if you lost a pet? FinderCodes CEO John Valiton created the $25 Travel Lost & Found Kit to reduce your worries. With one of their tags on your product, finders have two ways to communicate with you. They can simply scan the QR code on the tag, which alerts you to the location via GPS, or use the tag phone number to call the company. You can communicate with the finder anonymously via the FinderCodes server and using the smartphone app, arrange to have the item returned to you by FedEx. Of course there is no guarantee your lost items will be returned but this makes it easier and might prove to be inexpensive protection for an expensive item. [FinderCodes]

TravelPro Crew 9


TravelPro used a lot of booth space to show off their very large National Geographic leisure travel luggage. Not surprising, most of it is lightweight, very decorative, with hardside cases. But our interest is more with the frequent traveler luggage and for this, they were showing their venerable Crew 9 series. Best of the lot is their newer 21” carry-on spinner bag with four wheels and a molded handle for comfort. This adds just a little more weight but is so much easier to maneuver through airports. They also offer a Crew 9 hardside series of spinners. [TravelPro]

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